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  • What is a WASHLET+ version toilet?
    TOTO WASHLET+ is a Series of WASHLET-and-toilet sets creating a New standard of comfort and cleanliness for daily life. Designed for every home, WASHLET+ is the smart way to introduce the life-changing comfort and cleanliness of TOTO technology to your life. Choose your WASHLET+ with the features that best match your home and sense of style. Each unit is harmoniously designed with a concealed connection-no visible hoses or cords-making the bathroom a most inviting space. A wide range of sets are available for you to discover. After choosing your favorite WASHLET+ model toilet, simple choose one of FOUR (4) available WASHLET+ READY WASHLET seats designed specifically for installation on WASHLET+ ready toilets. TOTO® S550e WASHLET®+ and Auto Flush Ready Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with EWATER+® TOTO® S500e WASHLET®+ and Auto Flush Ready Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with EWATER+® TOTO® C5 WASHLET®+ Ready Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat TOTO® C2 WASHLET®+ Ready Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat
  • What is considered an ADA-height toilet?
    Put simply, ADA height toilets are those having a seat height >17" from the floor. ADA height toilet is a toilet that meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessibility. The seat height of an ADA height toilet must be between 17 and 19 inches from the floor to the top of the seat, allowing for easier transition from wheelchairs. An ADA height toilet is taller than standard height toilets, which are typically 15 - 16 1/8 inches from the floor to the seat top.
  • Which TOTO models are taller than standard?
    Many TOTO toilets are available in both "Standard" and "Universal" height, with Universal height being the TALLER version (>17" seat height). When viewing products, look for "Universal" or an abbreviated "UNIV" in the product name and description, to be sure you're viewing the taller model. PRO TIP: UNIVERSAL HEIGHT models will always have the letter "F" in the product SKU (example: MW7763056CEFG#01)
  • With so many WASHLET models, how can I make sense of the different options, fitment, and functions?
    We agree, it can be quite confusing given that TOTO has so many amazing products and options. We are actually users of TOTO Products in our own home, and frequently try different products, models, and even other competing brands and manufacturer products we offer on our site. In addition to chatting with us, emailing or calling for personalized service and help answering questions, TOTO has an amazing WASHLET Comparison Chart that you may find useful. NOTE: TOTO recently launched NEW products (specifically the WASHLET C2 - ROUND and the WASHLET C5 - ROUND) that are not yet included on the Comparison chart, but the features are exactly the same as the Elongated versions of the C2 and C5 shown on the downloadable chart.
  • How fast do you ship, and when could I expect my order to be delivered?
    We process orders 7 days a week, and process SHIPMENTS Monday - Friday, excluding US holidays (based on Carrier schedules). Our inventory is updated daily to include available inventory from our distribution partners, having distribution centers across the US. This enables us to ship orders out quickly, and shorter distance to customers... meaning most orders arrive within 2 - 10 business days, depending upon method of shipment (small package up to 25 lbs ships Ground, whereas larger/heavier items MAY ship on a pallet via LTL / Truck, with scheduled delivery. Examples: Small and/or lighter weight packages typically ship via UPS Ground = Expect delivery in 1 - 4 business days Larger, heavier, and/or more fragile products normally ship via LTL (less-than-truckload) Carrier = Estimate 4 - 10 business days). The Carrier calls to schedule delivery at a time convenient for you, and delivers it curbside on the pallet, via truck with liftgate (if needed). NOTE: The Carrier will not bring it into your home or apartment, upstairs, elevators, etc. It is the customer's responsibility to remove packages from the pallet and bring indoors. If you have ANY questions about inventory availability, where we would ship it FROM, how long it may take to arrive, your delivery requirements, etc. please do not hesitate to contact us, chat with us while online (lower-right corner of your screen), or simply call us at 540-277-9077.

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